About us

Sex is part of our lives and regularly discussed.  It can be great but can sometimes also result in an unwanted pregnancy.  This could mean that some difficult decisions have to be made.  Our mission is to normalise sexual health and to talk about it freely.  Contraception also forms part of sexual health, as well as STI-research.  In our clinic all aspects of sexual health are dealt with:  we offer a sympathetic ear as well as advice and treatments including aftercare.  We always respect your choice and offer the highest standard of service.

Our experience

We have years of experience within abortion care in Amsterdam.  Several of our doctors and nurses have been an abortion assistant for over 25 years.  Our receptionists are multi-lingual.  We also have team members who have experience in grief counselling, intensive care work, addiction care services and social work.  One of our doctors has a degree in sexology.  We have a team of well-trained professionals with a wide range of experience who will provide care with expertise, positive energy and empathy.

That is why the clinic is called ‘Epione’.  It is named after the Greek goddess of pain relief.  Epione was also the chief healer in the Wonder Woman cartoon strips: a strong woman who knows what she wants.  But everything she does is done with loving care.

If you would like to stay informed about news and developments in our clinic, follow us on Instagram  @epionecsg